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how it started...

Tammy Rivera 

The founder of Beccare Luxury Skincare Line

Have you ever used a product and it did the total opposite of what it was intended to do. Causing your face to breakout more. Become either really dry or very oily. I’ve been through it all. During that time, I felt less confident and my skin was dull. I later realized I couldn’t depend on those products to reveal my true beauty. And who would want those results from their skincare products? 

So, following my beliefs, I knew I had to produce something that could enhance the natural beauty of women. Not just in the ability to care for our skin, but to also allow us to exude the confidence we feel. 


The result? “BECCARE”  A luxurious yet effective skincare line that covers all aspects. The “Weekly Exfoliating Face Wash” cleans and naturally luminous skin. The “Daily Face Wash” washes away oil and impurities, revealing a fresh glow. Steps 1 and 2 will instantly have you feel confident about our skincare products. It’s a simple routine that inspires confidence in your skin and boosts your self-esteem knowing that you won’t need to wonder if it’s good for you. 

So, Welcome to Béccare and Get Ready to Glow!

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Inspired by you

✓ A Passion for Natural Skincare 

Béccare is a luxury skincare line that’s formulated with skin-friendly ingredients like Papaya, vitamin C, lemon

with exfoliating Jojoba beads, and Shea Butter. This combination of ingredients is perfect for cleansing, healing, and enhancing the natural beauty of your skin. 


✓ There’s Levels to Your Beauty 

Say good bye to those 10-step skincare routines. We’ve done all the work, so you don’t have to. In just 4 simple steps.  The Béccare line covers all the essential steps that leaves your skin hydrated, fresh, clear, and radiant looking. 


✓ We Are Essential

Our luxury but affordable skincare line is here for your everyday need. We’ve made it simple! In 4 easy steps, you’ll reveal a fresh glow and radiant looking skin to reveal your true beauty; and who would want those results from their skincare?

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